By Hilary Steel

Finally I decided to give Facebook Live a try…and I am surprised by how ‘taken’ I was with the experience. I wasn’t sure about it until I actually gave it a go, but then that’s the same as most things in live, unless you try you can’t really comment objectively!

I took one of our business pages, where I had a specific message I wanted to get out there. I would recommend having a plan, and even though I had one, it wasn’t a great one! However, for the purpose of this exercise it was enough of one!

I have tried Periscope, and am getting more into it, but the moment I ended the broadcast on Facebook Live it struck me that although only seven people tuned in, they were seven people who were actually interested in what was happening as they were fans of the page already. It wasn’t a random audience where I was likely to be subjected to trolling…or random comments that were irrelevant to the subject!

As this was only the first attempt I am already excited about the possibilities that this will bring into my organisation. As the experience increases I will look closer at the stats.

If you have any thoughts on Facebook Live, please do get in touch…. – it’s all about connecting and sharing stuff!

Hilary x