Hilary Steel – Editor

I truly believe that 2016 is the year of conversations, which is something most human beings crave. For a number of years many people have been hiding behind logos, 140 character messages and content sharing on various social media platforms. Now, in an instant, you have the capability to connect with your audience in real time and harness the power of the ‘Social’ side of Social Media.

Live Streaming isn’t just a trend, it is becoming a way of life. Each and every one of us is a journalist on the move, where, in a matter of seconds we can broadcast to the world where we are, what we seeing and what we think about it all! We are advocates for our immediate environment! With platforms available such as Periscope, Snapchat and Blab the world is suddenly becoming a much smaller place. So why is this revolutionary for both personal and professional use?

As a business owner I was introduced to the live streaming world by Lucy Hall, a Social Media revolutionary in her own right. She invited me to be interviewed on Blab.im. The moment I joined on camera something inside my business brain clicked as I realised just how POWERFUL this media could become. In the months that followed I embraced the platform, curious about the type of shows or discussions that were going on. I sat in the background soaking up the possibilities until a number of things started to happen in my own business world.

‘The LiveStreamer’ is my second publication and is gaining in momentum largely because of the solid network of both contributors and associates I am building across the globe. The audience on Twitter, Blab and Periscope are driving this publication forward with their knowledge and desire to utilise live streaming in their own lives. Listening to our audience, talking with our audience and inviting them to participate directly makes for some exciting and inspirational conversations.

As we move forward, I welcome you to connect with me directly on Twitter @HilaryJSteel and let’s start our own conversation!